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Becoming Millennial Entrepreneurs

Although millennials may consider themselves creative and innovative, the number of successful millennial businesses is quite small. For example, less than 4% of this generation is entrepreneurial, which is a...... Read More

Cash Flow and Working Capital

When studying business or actively participating in the business world, there are many similar terms that come up. As similar as they may sound, it is often the term’s differences...... Read More

How Minority-Owned Businesses Can Secure Funding

Minority-owned businesses face unique challenges. While the doors to success in commercial endeavors are opened wider than ever before, there are still various mountains to summit in the pursuit of...... Read More

How To Come Up With a Great Business Idea

Starting your own business has many benefits but developing business ideas that will ensure profitability can be challenging. Following these steps will ensure that you settle on an idea for...... Read More

How Your Corporate Structure can Affect Your Financing

If you are thinking about starting a business, you are probably investigating corporate structure and how it can affect your business, from your taxes and liability to your company policies...... Read More

Reasons to Consider a Business Line of Credit

When you need to borrow money for your business, you have several options. You can take out a commercial loan, make a personal investment, consider equity financing, or one of...... Read More

Reasons to Consider Accounts Receivable Financing

As a business owner, you have likely heard the term “accounts receivable financing.” However, do you really know what it is or what potential benefits it offers? Often called factoring,...... Read More

Reasons to Consider Equipment Financing

Equipment financing offers an array of benefits for any business. Keep reading to learn some of the biggest benefits and why this may be a smart option for your business....... Read More

Tips for Getting Approved for an SBA Loan

When a business first starts out, it may not have the capital needed to operate as efficiently as possible. Because of this, they may turn to organizations designed to help...... Read More

Tips for Protecting Your Small Business

If you are running a small business, then you may know that there can be lots of risks involved. Not only can it be challenging when things are going well,...... Read More