Purchase Order Financing

Get Help Covering Your Purchase Order Expenses

If you ever need to buy pre-sold goods, you may find yourself struggling to get the funds necessary to cover your purchase order costs. At Navigate Firm, we help businesses like yours with purchase order financing solutions. You can stop worrying about having enough money to fund your purchase order fulfillment. Instead, you can focus on growing your business.

What We Offer

We can provide production financing or letters of credit on transactions for purchase order financing. We work with importers, exporters and domestic producers. Any organization that deals in pre-sold goods or finished merchandise may be eligible for funding. We can even work with new businesses or those with less than perfect finances.

The Benefits

There are many great reasons to finance your purchase orders through Navigate Firm. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to focus on growing your sales rather than worrying about funding. These are some other advantages:

  • No need to take on bank debt or sell equity
  • Opportunity to grow your market share
  • Fast funding from Navigate Firm
  • Easily make on-time deliveries to all customers
  • Confidently take on larger orders

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