Monthly Archives: October 2020

Financing a Business with No Money

All businesses sometimes need outside financing. However, there may be compelling reasons why your company’s bank balance could be too low to apply for a small business loan. For instance,...... Read More

How to Finance a Startup

Getting a new business—a startup—up and running takes more than a unique idea, boundless energy, and great intent. It also requires funding. Solid ongoing financing and financial management are keys...... Read More

6 Tips for Hiring an Independent Contractor

When your company needs work done by an outside source, you might be wary. There are horror stories about independent contractors who have burned companies. But there are a few...... Read More

The Basics of a Remarketing Campaign

There are plenty of reasons to consider remarketing your brand. Perhaps you’re tired of the image you’ve established up until this point. Maybe you got some negative publicity and want...... Read More

Tips for Your Business to Use Asset-Based Loans

Businesses often need extra funding to strengthen cash flow, take advantage of opportunities for growth, hire additional personnel, or assist them in difficult situations. Asset-based loans comprise one lending option...... Read More